I’m Back!

Hi, everyone! How are you all? I hope you’re having a great week so far.

My week has been… hectic, to say the least. I’ve been so caught up in everything going on around me that unfortunately I just haven’t had time for blogging 😦

This post will not be a long one – just me explaining myself for my disappearance last week. It might not seem like a big deal, taking a week off, but having not mentioned it previously to my readers I couldn’t just let it slip by and return without a reason to my “blogging break”.

The truth is – I had no motivation. No post ideas, and no urge to write anything. The second last week of January is normally one of the most horrible weeks of the whole year – and 2018 didn’t prove this theory wrong. I had a crazy homework schedule, and way too much going on to even think about blogging.

A lame excuse, I know. But after the distraction of the Christmas holidays, and then the gentle first week back at school – I was not prepared for the thrashing of homework and revision I received.

I’ve also suffered from a cold this past week, and although it wouldn’t usually mean anything to me, combined with the chaotic workload it made me groggy and tired.

So all of this has equated to me taking a week off blogging. Has it done me any good?


I’ve had a little more time to myself. Not much more, but enough to make a difference to the way I’m handling every day situations, the way I’m organizing my life, and the way I’m thinking overall.

I’ve also come to realize that even though I hadn’t realized it before, blogging takes up lot more of my time than I realize.

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing…

Yet it has shown me that just those few hours a week can make or break my entire week, month even.

But I feel bad – taking an unexpected week from blogging is never a good thing, let alone it still being so close to the start of 2018 – when I was filled with hopes, aspirations, and dreams for my blog.


But all that is forgotten about – I’m back, and I’m not planning on leaving again any time soon. I can give you a 100% guarantee that there will be a new post up on Friday, and next Tuesday, and next Friday!

I just also wanted to take this moment to say that if any of you have any ideas or suggestions for post ideas, or would like to collaborate with me, please shoot me a comment down below or email me at incompletethinking@gmail.com . The reason I’m asking this is purely to prevent my river of ideas and inspiration from ever running dry again! XD

I’m back, and I’m feeling more refreshed and excited than ever before. My attitude has turned around, and I’m finally ready to get back into my blogging groove πŸ™‚

Tell me in the comments: have you ever had to take a sudden, unexpected break from blogging? Is it just me that, from time to time, suddenly feels overwhelmed with work?

Thank you so much for reading, it’s much appreciated! And a quick thank you to all of my newer followers (we just hit 175 on Monday!!) – I hope you’re enjoying my content. It means a lot to me that you’ve clicked that follow button. I’ll see you all next week ❀

Tara xx


16 thoughts on “I’m Back!

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  1. Aww it’s nice to see you back, Tara! xx I have taken a few breaks from blogging – one was for a week, another was for nearly a month last summer. I did mention it to my followers beforehand, but it’s completely understandable for a blogger to disappear for a week or two simply because they didn’t have the inspiration to post. πŸ™‚ Just as long as nothing is wrong (it makes me sad when a blogger disappears, then comes back weeks later and talks about how hard things have been, because I would’ve wanted to be there for them if I had known!). Don’t worry about it – I can’t wait to read what posts you’ll share next! I hope you have a beautiful day! ❀

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  2. Thank you, girl!! You’re right, it’s completely understandable to be away for a while… Just wish I’d mentioned it before I went! Nevermind. Oh, I know what you mean! That makes me so upset as well 😦 Thank you for the encouragement! And to you too ❀ xx

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  3. You’re welcome! Yes, definitely πŸ™‚ I understand. Some bloggers don’t feel comfortable enough to open up about what’s going on in their lives, which makes sense, but then they go and talk about what happened later, haha! xD Oh, well. You’re very welcome! Thanks ❀

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  4. Yeah, and when people are really stressed, they might be literally unable to write a post expressing their feelings, which is why they come back to talk about it later. Same here!

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  5. Work can be so overwhelming, and sometimes an unexpected break from blogging is necessary. I’m glad you’re back, but of course I’m glad you took the blogging break that you needed. πŸ™‚

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