England Travel Diary – Days 1 – 4

Hello, everybody! Firstly, please excuse the stray, fuzzy blade of grass in the title picture XD

So last week, I got back from my 2-week vacation to England, and I thought I’d tell you about my adventures. I also took a lot of photos I’m eager to share! In this post (first of many to come!) I’ll be covering the first four days of our vacation. So that’s the introduction done… now, let’s begin!

Way back on Saturday 22nd July, my family and I left for Liverpool. We drove for about 7 hours and then reached our travel lodge for the night, and… fell asleep. Not much excitement there XD (Quick note – most of my other posts will be covering just two days, but I thought that since our first day wasn’t even enough for a full paragraph, I should add an extra two days in to this first post in the series XD)

On 23rd June, we left the lodge, on our way to watch the Open (for those of you who don’t know, it’s a golf competition). We had a great day watching all the golf! Congratulations to Jordan Spieth, who won the tournament.

Here’s two keen golfers I found in the hospitality tent. Made of grass… XD


I bought a few too many souvenirs, but one which I especially treasure is this blue leather notebook. It has The Open printed in silver, and the pages are quite thick and a gorgeous cream colour. I just love collecting notebooks. I think each one has a story behind them, if you know what I mean? They all have the same purpose, but they all have different backgrounds. (If you love notebooks as much as I do, stick around for the rest of this series, as I purchased a few more down in Oxford!)

I’ve actually visited quite a few of the Open championships over the years – around 5 or 6? (Including the ladies’ ones, of course!) I have a collection (yes, another) of flags that I’ve bought from the events – so far I have three! 🙂

After that fabulous day out, we headed to a travel lodge to stay the night, and the next day we continued our drive until we reached Devon!

That was where we set up camp, preparing ourselves to be sleeping under canvas for the next week. It was quite a struggle to get the tent up, but once we’d finally stuck the last peg in the ground, we sat back and put the kettle on.


In the evening, we set out to discover a beach (more about beaches later) but ended up stumbling across a nature reserve. This turned out perfectly – we got some stunning photos, got to experience a new place, and best of all – we got to see the sun set over the lighthouse we were stood next to.


I also took a few pictures from behind one of the stone walls at the reserve, and I think they turned out quite well…?


I don’t want to quote, but the many stone walls and tunnels meant I can say we watched the sunset over the castle on the hill ❤ (That last part is true as well! The whole reserve was built on top of a massive cliff!)


Okay, just one or two more…



The next day of camp was the 25th. It was an absolutely stunning day, the best weather I’ve seen all year by far. My family and I realized there were far too many things for us to ever complete them all, so we decided we’d visit a beach today (after our fail at finding one last night). We managed to get hold of a map, and then realized… there were over 35 nearby beaches we could visit! Talk about a hard choice…

Eventually we chose one we all liked, and trooped down there for the day. My brother and I got our wet-suits on, and had a fabulous time in the water for a few hours, splashing and swimming and having the odd seaweed fight XD


We also discussed our desperate desire for an underwater camera… maybe someday!

After we’d dried off, and stopped for ice cream at the cafe, we went for a walk over another cliff to find a second beach, which was tucked away under a treetop canopy and looked beautiful – all of the rocks (most Devon beaches are pebble, we discovered) against the bright blue sea. Stunning.

Here’s a little shot of the view from above the beach:


It reminds me of Greece, for some reason! Maybe it’s the vibrant turquoise of the water and the caves…

That night, we took a second trip down to the nature reserve (I promise this is our last time though!). We managed to just catch the sunset again! I took a lot of pictures, but most have me in them, so I’ll share a couple that just feature the landscape… (my sunnies had to star, of course!)



And that was the first four days of our vacation! I promise you that the other posts in the series will be slightly more interesting, and will have more pictures XD It’s just that we needed the first few days to get set up, you know?

Thanks for reading this post! It’s much appreciated ❤ I’ll be hopefully publishing the next post in this series soon!

Incomplete Thinker xx



14 thoughts on “England Travel Diary – Days 1 – 4

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  1. Ahh the Castle on The Hill! 😍💙 *fangirl moment* that aside, this was such a fun post! You took some great pictures. I love experimenting with direct sunlight (especially in the evenings), as it makes for awesome photos! 💖 also I always buy too many souvenirs 😂 so many pretty, cute things!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh I love that song! ❤ Thank you so much! 🙂 I also love trying to experiment with different levels of sunlight. I've yet to take any shots at dawn, but I hope to some day. Yes!! I am such a souvenir fanatic. I have a souvenir pencil collection, a souvenir notebook collection, a souvenir badge collection, a souvenir magnet collection… you get the idea XD I just love to have not only memories, but physical, adorable items that can take me back (to when, I, found my heart, broke it here, made friends and lost them through the years… okay I'll stop XD) 🙂 Thank you for reading! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Me too, girl! 💙 I learned it within two days of listening to it because I had it on constant repeat, haha!! You’re welcome, and same here! I’ve only been up early enough to capture the sunrise once or twice. All the rest have been taken at dusk. 🙂 aw those collections sound amazing! I only have one souvenir collection, and that’s buttons/badges (not metal; round ones). Hahaha I got that reference! XD you’re very welcome!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Haha, that’s dedication! I had to do my highland dance for my annual show to it, so I got to learn it pretty quickly also 😉
    I know, it’s quite early! I’m not much of a morning person, haha. I prefer taking them at dusk ❤
    Badge collections are very unique! I don't have too many badges but I do have an awful lot of pencils, it's getting to the point where I think I shouldn't buy any more unless I go somewhere really special. Haha! I now feel like I should slip a few song references into my posts and see if anybody notices? XD

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Aw that sounds like fun! Yeah I’m sure you did 😀 Neither am I, and even if I was, where I live doesn’t offer a nice view of the morning sky. Haha! I would love to see a post of your pencil collection! Getting to see the designs of all the ones you’ve acquired would be cool(: And yes, you should totally make song references! I’ll catch them all haha

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Yes, it was a lot of fun! Haha 😀
    If I was eager enough to get up I’d have to walk down to the beach to get a good picture – the view from my house is disturbed by telephone wires, chimneys, and massive cranes on the other side of town.
    Haha, thanks! 🙂 It’s just something that I want to do, taking my time, spending my life… okay that one took it too far XD I’ll put some better ones in my posts lol 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Haha, it’s it amazing how sometimes you have the perfect shot – and something so like that can get in the way? XD Still, the photo came out pretty good! 😀 In one of my recent posts, power lines got in the way. It’s so annoying!

    Ooohhh, golf! 😀 How fun!

    Wow. Made of grass? That is impressive! They look so lifelike!

    I’m like that too, except I obsess over postcards. They aren’t too expensive, they don’t take up a lot of room, and they usually have pretty photos on them. XD Notebooks and flags are great too!

    I love your photos – stone walls, lighthouses, beaches…! Aaaahhhh it’s so lovely there! 😍

    A seaweed fight? Haha, I’ve never heard of fighting with seaweed. Sounds so fun though!

    Ooohh, and underwater camera? How fun! 😀

    I cna’t wait for your next installment! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Haha, I know! I thought I was being all artistic and everything… and then I uploaded the picture and saw it. The. Blade. Of . Grass. I stared at it for a few minutes thinking “why? Why me?”… and then I put it in a blog post and published it XD

    Ach, power lines are pretty annoying too 😦

    Yes, I love golf! Lots of fun ❤ My dad wants me to be professional and everything, but I'm not quite good enough and I don't think I practice enough (some of my friends are down at the course practising 24/7, 365 days a year… XD)

    I know, they seemed completely real when I first saw them! Or, at least, statues… not just grass XD

    Postcards are awesome too, I love many of the designs they have ❤ Flags are good for displaying on my walls!

    Thank you! It was so beautiful there, I truly loved it and would be grateful to go back someday 🙂

    Haha, it's a little game we invented! The beach we went to was COVERED in the stuff, so we took one look at each other, and grabbed a massive handful before launching it at the other's face. After that it got messy XD

    Yes! It would be amazing. I'll keep fantasizing over it for now…

    Thank you! I'm excited too ❤

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