England Travel Diary – Days 5 & 6

Welcome back to my travel series! Firstly, I just want to give you my apologies for a very late post, I'm back at school and waaay over my head. Lots of homework, lots of new commitments, and lots of stress! Hopefully, I will be getting some more posts up soon to make up for this.... Continue Reading →


England Travel Diary – Days 1 – 4

Hello, everybody! Firstly, please excuse the stray, fuzzy blade of grass in the title picture XD So last week, I got back from my 2-week vacation to England, and I thought I'd tell you about my adventures. I also took a lot of photos I'm eager to share! In this post (first of many to... Continue Reading →


I know what you're thinking. It's been days since she last posted. DAYS, I'm telling you. Must be almost two weeks by now! Is she even still ALIVE? Well... yes, I am alive. Hello 🙂 If you've been around here for a little while, you'll (probably) know that I've been away on vacation... to England!... Continue Reading →


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