Summer Bucket List Checkup

Hello everyone! Today, I’m doing a little checkup on my summer bucket list (if you missed my bucket list post you can find it here), to show you guys how I’m doing with all the tasks.

Please note: This is a scheduled post, and at the moment I’m currently on vacation! We’re camping in England 🙂 I’m going to be writing a travel diary so you can see what I’m getting up to!

And another thing: I’ll be writing another post at the end of summer about the final results of my bucket list. I’ll be explaining in more context what I’ve done for each task. In this post, I’m just stating whether I’ve done it or not. So here is the checkup on my bucket list!

  1. Go camping. Done!
  2. Go to an outdoor concert. Done!
  3. Try something new. Not done.
  4. Go kayaking. Not done.
  5. Go to a water-park. Not done! I’m actually changing this one to Go to a theme park. 
  6. Go body-boarding. Not done.
  7. Have a picnic on the beach. Done!
  8. Spend time with friends. Done!
  9. Learn a new piece on my French horn. Not done.
  10. Play LOTS of golf. Done!
  11. Bake something new.
    Not done.
  12. Master my Grade 1 piano pieces. Not done.
  13. Celebrate my violin exam results… when I get them! Done!
  14. Study and complete all my homework for next year. Not done.
  15. Go for a long bike ride. Done!
  16. Swim in an outdoor pool. Done!
  17. Swim in an indoor pool. Not done.
  18. Swim in the sea. Done!
  19. Have a BBQ. Not done.
  20. Read a new book. Not done.
  21. Get a MAJOR tan. Done!
  22. Make popsicles.
    Not done.
  23. Give my room a mini-makeover. Done!
  24. Create a summer playlist. Not done.
  25. Clear out my phone space so I can take hundreds of pictures. Done!
  26. Go cloud-watching.
    Not done.
  27. Blog more 😉 Done!
  28. Create a cute summer look (complete with accessories). Done!
  29. Relax with family. Done!
  30. Enjoy myself and create amazing memories ❤ Done!

Thank you all for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed! See you soon 🙂

Incomplete Thinker xx


10 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List Checkup

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  1. Hi everyone, just wanted to apologize for the way this post first came out! Bits of it deleted themselves, and I hadn’t quite finished one section, but forgot to do it as I’m on holiday. All fixed up now, but thank you for bearing with it, and sorry again for inconvenience 🙂

    Incomplete Thinker xx


  2. Hey! I think it’s really good you’re keeping yourself accountable for the checklist you made. I’ve wanted to make one myself, but I’ve just started school again and I am loaded with work! Sorry for being so inactive by the way.

    Great post!

    Alexis xx

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  3. Part of my workload is all the work for the next two weeks, as I am going on a year 8 camp as a year 10 leader. It should be a lot of fun!
    I don’t actually mind school all that much, I especially like science and maths. I enjoy English, but I’ll probably do English language next year instead of mainstream English.
    How hot does it get in summer for you?

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  4. That should be fun! Sounds exciting, hope you have a good time 🙂
    I have mixed opinions about school. Mostly I love it, but after a long stretch of summer it’s a pain to go back, if you know what I mean XD
    I like science and maths too! English and music are my favourite subjects. I also quite like French.
    Our summer honestly doesn’t get that hot, compared to yours! XD Our highest has been about 25 degrees Celcius, I think. Last week when I was in England we reached about 28? But next week the forcast is surprisingly cold and grey, with hints of… frost?!


  5. I wish our summer was like that!!! The hottest I remember it getting was 45 degrees, but on Christmas Day it was 34.
    Music is one of my favourite things at school, but I don’t take it as a subject.

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  6. Ooh, 45 degrees? That is roasting… When I went to Greece last year our highest was 41, I think. I would actually love having Christmas in summer – I think that it would be so much fun ❤

    Our school timetable made sure we couldn't take what we wanted, that's for sure! I had to sacrifice art, and Spanish, and nearly physics… why life? XD


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