One Night Camping Trip – Photos

Following up from my previous post, where I said I would be doing some travel-related posts and some more photography, I thought I’d share a post that has a little bit of both – a small gallery of pictures from my family trip a week or so ago.

My family and I are going on a two-week vacation soon, and one week of it will be camping, so to test our tent out we decided to go for a little drive, and have a nice day out, and then pitch our tent, before heading back home the next day. Just a test-run for the real thing.

I took a few pictures that I wanted to share with you, so… let’s get started!

On the sunny Saturday morning we packed up the car and headed off, destined for an outdoor saltwater swimming pool. We thought it would be nice to spend most of the day there, before we headed off to the campsite.

I would like to add a little side note here, which is that I now have the most horrendous sunburn. I completely forgot to put sunscreen on, and combined with the saltwater in the pool this resulted in me burning to a crisp. If you go swimming, or even just go outside in the summer, please remember to wear sunscreen!


Once we’d finished swimming and sun-bathing, we got dressed and then hopped back into the car, and drove to a nearby campsite, which would be our home for the night. It did take us quite a while to put the tent up, but after we’d done that we cooked dinner (sausages and burgers, yum!) and then cleared up the dishes.

It was still light outside, so we decided to walk down to the beach, which ran alongside the campsite.

I got a bit obsessed with creating stone towers… I’m not going to show you all of them. It would get a bit tedious XD




Then, we decided to take a little stroll down to see the nearby harbour. It was absolutely beautiful, and the whole village really summed up the idea of a “fishing town”.




We headed back to camp, where we had hot chocolate and brownies, and played some board games together.


I also took another quick walk back down to the beach, because the moon had just risen and over the water it looked lovely. Unfortunately, it started to disappear behind some clouds before I had arrived, but I did my best to get a good shot. However it did look much better in real life.

The pictures came out pretty fuzzy, here’s the best one I could find:


I also thought I’d include one of the particularly out-of-focus ones, for some strange reason I think it looks quite artistic…? XD


After that I headed back to camp, and got into bed. The next morning, we played putting and tennis at the campsite (which had really nice facilities, by the way) before we left. We were hoping to visit another beach, or something of that sort, but it was pouring with rain 😦

On the upside, we passed a KFC on the way home and thought we’d stop for lunch! 😉

That’s all for today, I hope you’ve enjoyed. I’m definitely going to be doing some more photography posts in the future, so please let me know in the comments if you like them.

Thank you so much for reading, see you in my next post!

Incomplete Thinker xx


7 thoughts on “One Night Camping Trip – Photos

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  1. Lovely photos! 😍 And what an awesome adventure you were on!

    Is it weird that my favorite photos of these are the rocks? I love how they are arranged. 🙂

    I’m sorry you got sunburned! Yes, sunscreen is a must!

    The photo of the moon does look artistic! 🙂

    You have a KFC in England? Haha, I didn’t expect that for some reason. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much! Haha, yes! So much fun 🙂

    LOL, me too! I have a strange obsession with them… XD

    I’ll be more careful next time, that’s for sure! Lesson learnt 😀

    Thanks! I thought the blurriness reminded me of another photo I’d seen, but I couldn’t remember which one. It’ll come to me one day…

    Haha, of course! We have a lot of places originated in America. KFC, McDonald’s, ect… XD

    Liked by 1 person

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