Summer Bucket List 2017

Hi everyone!

So, today… I’m going to be doing a different sort of post. Lighter than usual. It’s going to be… my 2017 summer bucket list!

Picture the scene: it’s that time of year again. When everyone else is packing for their amazing vacations to Cairo, Tokyo, Lanzarote…

And you’re stuck at home.

Six long weeks stretch ahead of you, filled with… Beaches, ice cream, and sunshine?


Six long weeks filled with sleep, boredom, and most importantly: Netflix.

I don’t want to spend all that time vegging out in front of the TV. So…

Every summer I spend my time thinking up fun things to do, but I never actually do them. Last year I created a measly bucket list and never achieved everything on it. So this year, I intend to be different!

Here is my list of 30 things I want to do this summer. Let’s begin!

  1. Go camping.
  2. Go to an outdoor concert.
  3. Try something new.
  4. Go kayaking.
  5. Go to a water-park.
  6. Go body-boarding.
  7. Have a picnic on the beach.
  8. Spend time with friends.
  9. Learn a new piece on my French horn.
  10. Play LOTS of golf.
  11. Bake something new.
  12. Master my Grade 1 piano pieces.
  13. Celebrate my violin exam results… when I get them!
  14. Study and complete all my homework for next year.
  15. Go for a long bike ride.
  16. Swim in an outdoor pool.
  17. Swim in an indoor pool.
  18. Swim in the sea.
  19. Have a BBQ.
  20. Read a new book.
  21. Get a MAJOR tan.
  22. Make popsicles.
  23. Give my room a mini-makeover.
  24. Create a summer playlist.
  25. Clear out my phone space so I can take hundreds of pictures.
  26. Go cloud-watching.
  27. Blog more 😉
  28. Create a cute summer look (complete with accessories).
  29. Relax with family.
  30. Enjoy myself and create amazing memories ❤

I might add to this list, or remove some of it, but who knows…?

But for now, that’s my 2017 summer bucket list. If you try anything from on this list then let me know in the comments how it went!

Thank you for reading, see you in my next post! (I think I’ll be back with my ‘Being Brilliant’ series.)

Incomplete Thinker xx


7 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List 2017

Add yours

  1. Nice list! I would make one too, but it’s currently in the dread of winter and I’m trying to battle 14 degree temperatures 😆

    Make sure to take all the photos! Some of my best are from over summer/in hot weather, so take advantage of it! Just make sure your stuff doesn’t overheat..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you! Ooh, that’s pretty cold… Make sure to wrap up warm 🙂
    Yes, definitely! I’m really excited to get tons of summer shots. My favourites are ones with water – whether it’s a pool or the sea. I absolutely love taking pictures in the warm weather as everything is so bright and alive ❤


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