Rapid Fire Book Tag

Hey everyone! So today, I’m taking a break from my ‘Being Brilliant’ series so I can take part in the Rapid Fire Book Tag!

Thank you to Grace from the blog Following Him Beside Still Waters for nominating me to do this. And now… let’s begin!

Ebooks or Physical Books?

  • I would have to go with physical books. I periodically try to get into ebooks and all of that online stuff, but it never works out. Personally, I find real, physical books a lot less hassle. And there’s something special about feeling what you’re reading (I know that sounds weird, but it’s true).

Paperbacks or Hardbacks?

  • Paperbacks for sure! They’re… what’s the word… old-fashioned? I don’t know how to describe it. I just find them easier to read, and I like them more. But hardbacks are still good too πŸ™‚

Online or In-Store Book Shopping?

  • In-store. I almost never shop for books online. I think it’s nicer to experience the joy of finding the book, and the suspense of reading the blurb (and probably the first few pages too), and the thrill of handing over the money in exchange for a few hundred pages of heaven!

Trilogies or Series?

  • Hard to choose. I’d have to go with series, as it’s always fun to pursue a character over the course of a few books. I feel like I just explained that really badly, but… oh well… xD

Heroes or Villains?

  • Villains! Sinister cloaks, evil grins, demented plans… what else could you ask for?

A Book You Want Everyone To Read?

  • The Art of Being Brilliant πŸ™‚ It’s such an inspirational and uplifting book, and helped me clear my mind and focus on what I want in life.
  • *shameless self promotion* If you’re interested in the book then feel free to check out the ‘Being Brilliant’ series I’m currently doing, all based on this great book!

Recommend an Underrated Book

  • There are so many! Personally I love My Scary Fairy Godmother by Rose Impey. The ratings are an average 3 stars, and I honestly think it deserves so much more. I read some reviews online, and they all said the same thing – “boring”… “couldn’t follow the story line”… “too predictable”…
  • These reviews annoyed me. The only reason you could call a book boring is if you didn’t give it a good enough chance. Every book has something to it – otherwise why would it be published? Obviously there are some books/genres/authors that don’t appeal to everyone, but I think this book is worth some attention.

The Last Book You Finished?

  • Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, by Ransom Riggs. I saw the movie a few weeks back and wanted to read the book! It didn’t disappoint.

Weirdest Thing You Have Used as a Bookmark?Β 

  • I’ve used a lot of random things over the years, but the weirdest must be a jigsaw piece! I’ve also used a napkin, a small fragment of a Pringle’s lid, and a leaf πŸ™‚

Used Books, Yes or No?

  • I’m not against used books, but I don’t buy many of them. I think it’s really nice that you can get a second, third, even a fourth life out of a book though!

Top Three Favorite Genres?Β 

  • Mystery, fantasy, and action!

Borrow or Buy?Β 

  • I used to borrow much more than I bought. I’d go to the library at least twice a week to take out lots of new novels (at this point I was going all out – expanding my reading range, trying completely new genres, etc). But gradually I found less and less time to go to library, and now I don’t go to the public one much at all. I do use my school library regularly, but on the whole I’m definitely more of a buyer.

Characters or Plot?

  • Such a tricky question! They’re both crucial for a good novel. However I’d have to go with plot, as if the storyline is flimsy or uninteresting, the whole book falls apart. The characters are slightly less important – I often find books where the characters are annoying, pathetic, or boring, but because the plot is so intriguing I don’t mind putting up with them. Most books do have at least one witty, amusing or at the very least likeable character.

Long or Short Books?

  • It really depends. Generally, I prefer longer books, but one thing I do hate is books that manage to drag out an extra two or three hundred pages, just through description or unnecessary dialogue. When writers waffle on I tend to get annoyed πŸ™‚ Shorter books are also good for a quick read, as I like the satisfaction of completing a book every night (I can’t STAND the idea of leaving a book halfway right before I go to bed).

Long or Short Chapters?

  • Short. They create suspense and add tension. Plus, I always seem to get through more of the book when the chapters are smaller and broken down.

Name the First Three Books You Think Of?

  • Remix by Non Pratt (a great read that I finished last week), Charmed Life by Diana Wynne Jones (another fabulous book that I’ve re-read about 7 times), and Hatchet by Gary Paulsen (I read this novel in English and unlike most of the other books we read together in class, it was actually pretty good).

Books That Make You Laugh or Cry?

  • When I was younger, David Walliams always reduced me to hysterical laughter. Even now he still does make me chuckle here and there. Nowadays, I like to laugh over the wit and sarcasm authors use in their books.
  • I’m not really one for crying over books (although I cry in almost every single movie I watch…), but sometimes I am left speechless or upset. I, Coriander by Sally Gardner did rattle me, and for some unknown reason, I have felt like weeping over Cathy Cassidy’s books, although I’m not sure why…

Our World or Fictional Worlds?

  • Our world for sure! Fictional worlds are great, but in books they tend to lack the passion and excitement they show in movies – that’s why I’d always rather watch a fantasy movie than a realistic one. However in books I prefer to be able to relate to the text and the characters. I often picture myself in the situation the characters are in, and try to work out how I’d react!

Audiobooks, Yes or No?

  • I haven’t used audiobooks before, so I can’t really answer, but I imagine they’d be a little distracting for me. I usually listen to music when I study, because it helps me focus on the task at hand. I never actually end up listening to the music, but it keeps me on track. If I had an audiobook, I would probably tune it out and end up missing out on three-quarters of the whole story xD

Do You Ever Judge a Book By Its Cover?

  • Doesn’t everyone? xD I’m definitely guilty of this. It’s inevitable for me. If the cover catches my eye, I’ll nearly always take a look at the blurb and the first few pages of the book. If the cover is boring or unattractive, I’ll often skip over the book, which has led to me missing out on quite a few goods reads.

Book to Movie or Book to TV Adaptations?

  • Book to movie. TV adaptations often stray away from the actual plot, and I just find that movies are easier to follow along with. I also feel more strongly about the storyline and characters when I’m watching a movie, for some unknown reason. This makes it easier for me to relate to what’s happening, and understand it as well.

Series or Standalones?

  • I’d have to go with series! Often standalones appear unfinished, with loose ends dangling like threads everywhere. I like the idea of a series because it gives the chance to elaborate on characters, maybe adding in additional backgrounds and even continuing to the character’s future.


  1. Life as Alexis GlowΒ 
  2. Paragraphs from the Book I’ll Never Write
  3. Write Ally! Write!

If you’ve been tagged but don’t want to do this tag, that’s completely fine πŸ™‚ And also, if you haven’t been tagged, but would like to take part, then feel free to do so!

Thank you for reading, I hope you have enjoyed! My next post will be out soon.

Incomplete Thinker xx


12 thoughts on “Rapid Fire Book Tag

Add yours

  1. Hey!

    Thanks so much for tagging me! I haven’t posted in a while simply because I have had no ideas, and this has finally given me something to write about.

    I am hopelessly in love with reading and I have read a lot of my books twice or three times. I’ve wanted to read Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children since I saw the movie (which is odd because I always read the book first), and I need to find some new books because I keep rereading the same ones.

    Great post! I like finding out other people’s opinions on books, which then gives me more inspiration on what to read.

    – Alexis Glow πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi there! You’re welcome πŸ˜€ I’m glad you have something to write about now!
    I am completely the same, my whole room is filled with my re-reads… Yeah, I thought the film was really good! I really want to read the rest of the books, when I find them.

    Thank you so much! Really means a lot to me πŸ™‚ And yes, me too, sometimes it’s good to see what other people are interested in.

    Thanks again for stopping by xx


  3. I enjoyed reading your response to the tag! 😁

    Haha, I love your list of things you used as bookmarks! XD

    I’m glad you liked Hatchet. πŸ™‚ I haven’t read it yet, but I read and reviewed The Voyage of the Frog, also by Gary Paulson, last year. Have you read that one?

    Liked by 1 person

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