‘Being Brilliant’ – Introduction

Hey guys!

Today, I will be talking about a new exciting series that I’m going to be starting. (Well, at least I hope it’s exciting for you. It’s very exciting for me!)

So, last month I received the book The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager for my birthday. At a first glance I wasn’t too interested. ‘I’m already brilliant!’ I said to myself. ‘This book is probably just filled with rubbish. How can it help me anyway?’

Boy, I was wrong.

This book has changed my life. Forever.

It’s the most inspirational, uplifting and true book I have read. It encourages you to unleash your full potential.

It covers everything, from why our brains are so negative, to how we can flip the switch to a positive mindset. It talks about finding happiness, finding a job, finding a passion. It gives great ideas on how to become a better person, and most importantly it shows you how you can get the most out of life.

And I want to share its messages with you.


So even if you can’t get hold of the book, don’t worry. I’m going to try and explain to you what the book is about, and how it will help you change for the better.

How will I do this? Though a series of posts, of course!

I honestly don’t know how many posts I’m planning on doing. There are so many interesting themes and points in the book that I want to pass on, so the number of posts will depend.

If you have read this book, I’d love to hear what you thought of it down below! Maybe we can talk about it together. (On a side note, if anyone out there has read any of the other books by these authors, please tell me! I haven’t read them yet but I’m excited to.)

My first post in this series will be out next week.

Thanks so much for reading! Every single view is appreciated 😀

Incomplete Thinker xx



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