‘Being Brilliant’ Part 1 – A Great Gift

Hi everyone! Sorry for a late post 😦 Today, I am going to be doing the first post in my new 'Being Brilliant' series, inspired by the book The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager. If you'd like more information on the series then please feel free to check out the 'Being Brilliant' - Introduction... Continue Reading →


‘Being Brilliant’ – Introduction

Hey guys! Today, I will be talking about a new exciting series that I'm going to be starting. (Well, at least I hope it's exciting for you. It's very exciting for me!) So, last month I received the book The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager for my birthday. At a first glance I wasn't... Continue Reading →


Hello everyone. Firstly I want to apologize that I haven't posted for so long. [Insert long list of tiresome excuses here.] The truth is that excuses don't cover up fact. They divert your path of thought, try to make you feel sorry instead of angry.  They twist and warp your brain, so you don't realize... Continue Reading →


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