I am a unique individual. An incomplete thinker.

For years I have lived most of my life inside my private thoughts. When I was younger I spent hours alone fantasizing stories about princesses being captured, and then being rescued by a handsome prince. The two then fall madly in love and get married. (Since then I’m managed to come to terms with the fact that this doesn’t really happen in real life.)

Now I’m a young teenager and I still love to make up stories in my head. One of my favourite subjects is English – I’ve always loved to express myself using words. I love writing all sorts of things – stories, poems, essays (I know, I know), Instagram posts – and now a blog.

The reason I wanted to start this blog is because… well, I have lots of questions. Deep questions.

There are so many questions I have about life, questions that I may never know the answer to. But I want to see if anyone else can help me on my quest.

So, yes… this is my blog. I will be posting… well, anything on here, really. There is no ‘set theme’, because life has no rules. Boundaries were made to be pushed, rules were made to be broken. And I know everyone is interested in something different, so I will try to cover a wide variety of topics throughout this lifestyle blog. We’ll just see how it goes.

One more thing… I don’t wish to reveal any personal information to anyone. Not even my name. I had a bad experience 3 years ago where I started a blog, but ended up closing it down after I gave away a bit too much information…

So, that’s all for now. At the moment I don’t have a regular post schedule, so I’ll just try to post whenever possible.

Thanks so much for reading, it means the world to me πŸ™‚

Incomplete Thinker xx


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