Hi everyone, today I am doing a short post about nature and the great outdoors. Let's begin. I like being at one with nature. For me, being outside is very calming, and it soothes my mind. I like sitting outside and having the wind blow on my face, whipping my hair out of place. I... Continue Reading →



Hi guys, today I have a post all about appreciation. Let's begin. When I was younger, I didn't understand the value of things. And that's to be expected. When you are young, you don't get told about poverty, illness, homelessness, abuse, wars, or death. So naturally you think the world is perfect and nothing will... Continue Reading →


Hi guys! So today I want to talk a bit about exploring, and adventures. I also have a few photos to share! Let's begin. I love visiting new places. It's exciting to discover somewhere else in the world. One of my dreams is to travel lots when I'm older - I want to see all... Continue Reading →

Forming a Mask

Hi guys! Today I have a kind of deep post. Hope you enjoy. Do you ever feel like you're hiding behind a mask? I do. Society is quick to judge, quick to label people. Once you've been labelled, there's not much you can do. You're just 'the tall one' or 'the goth one' or 'the... Continue Reading →


I am a unique individual. An incomplete thinker. For years I have lived most of my life inside my private thoughts. When I was younger I spent hours alone fantasizing stories about princesses being captured, and then being rescued by a handsome prince. The two then fall madly in love and get married. (Since then... Continue Reading →

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